NCT’s Yuta Reveals Why Johnny Is So Precious To The “Work It” Unit

Johnny does what no one else can do to keep everyone going.

Since NCT‘s “Work It” unit, Ten, Jisung, Hendery, Jaemin, Jungwoo, Johnny, and Yuta, featured in the recent issue of Vogue Korea, the group appeared in a behind-the-scenes clip where they talked about their synergy together.

In the process, Yuta shared why Johnny was such a ray of sunshine that held the group together.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

When asked which member was the mood maker of the group, Yuta didn’t hesitate to select the vibrant Johnny. “I think Johnny is the funniest member. He’s our mood maker.

Yuta pointed out the times where the members aren’t operating at one hundred percent and need a little boost to keep going. “When the practice is hard, when we get off early, or when we start the schedule so early, we tend to get tired.” That’s when Johnny steps in.

Johnny uses his signature happy energy and directs it on his members for the positive boost they need to push through. “And then Johnny brings up the team spirit. So, I pick Johnny.

While there are more than a few funny members in the “Work It” unit, Johnny’s signature brand of sunshine is what keeps them all on track. Listen to Yuta sweetly talk about Johnny’s unique talent.