NCT’s Yuta Is Willing To Take Drastic Measures To Avoid The Dreaded Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Yuta learned his lesson the first time.

NCT‘s Yuta shared something with fans during his recent live broadcast: he’s not a fan of the bowl cut hairstyle on himself.

On the other hand, he thought the look suited Jungwoo well and looks completely fine on him. Yuta claimed the look just doesn’t look as good on himself.

It’s fine if you look good, but it doesn’t look good on me.

A fan commented that it’s bound to happen to Yuta now that he’s refused to wear it. Yuta was ready to avoid it altogether and said he would have to sit out promotions if they requested him to wear it.

If I have to do that hairstyle, I’ll say I’ll sit out on that promotion.

Everyone has their deal-breakers; Yuta’s is a bowl cut. Listen to him explain where he draws the line at 30:28.