NCT Yuta’s Lost Ring Ended Up In The Hands Of IZ*ONE’s Yena

It was like something out of a drama.

During filming for the Idol Star Athletics Championship, NCT‘s Yuta had a bit of an awkward encounter with IZ*ONE‘s Yena.

Yena was minding her own business, talking with her group mates, when something rolled in between her fingers.

When she moved her hand, she felt it and picked it up. Curious as to what it was, she looked at it and showed it to her group.

After realizing it was a ring, she quickly put it back down on the ground. And, that’s when Sakura found the owner of the ring.

As members of both groups laughed at the situation, Yuta crawled forward to retrieve his runaway possession.

If this were a drama, fans agree it would’ve been the most creative way to confess.

But, Yuta was most likely playing with his ring when it rolled away from him and into the hands of Yena. And, he seemed too shy to directly ask for it back. Watch the cutely awkward moment here.