NCT127 Clowns Doyoung For His Iconic Stirring Scene In “Cafe Midnight”

It’s done with love, I promise.

Following the release of the much anticipated Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker, NCT127‘s Yuta posted to his Instagram story showing that he was watching the show.

Yuta’s Instagam Story | yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Doyoung ah, I’m watching it well kkkk when does “stir stir” come out??

— Yuta

The scene that Yuta was referring to was Doyoung‘s line in the iconic scene in Cafe Midnight‘s trailer when he stirs an iced coffee that he made for Sunmin.

Yuta then posted a video of said scene, and the rest of the member’s laughter can be heard in the background. Doyoung even tries to block the TV at the end in his embarrassment. Needless to say, NCTzens came out in full force to support Doyoung, and also make some memes of the whole situation:

All jokes aside, it was touching to see Doyoung’s members gather to watch the final product of all of his hard work.


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