NCT 127’s Taeyong Goes Viral For His Reaction To Doyoung Acting “Too Sexy” On Stage

“The man was too stunned to speak. 😳”

NCT 127‘s Doyoung is often a source of some hilarious content, usually involving the other members of the group. Recently, some of Doyoung’s actions on stage resulted in a now-viral and hilarious reaction from the group’s leader Taeyong!

NCT 127’s Doyoung | @NCTsmtown127/Instagram 
NCT 127’s Taeyong

NCT 127 are currently entertaining fans on the North and South American leg of their NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour. These concerts have provided some of the most energy yet, with the group responding well to the fans’ excitement.

So well that it led to some wild moments, like Johnny and Taeyong removing their shirts during different concerts…

…and Jaehyun and Doyoung having a “Cinderella moment” as several members tried to strip Doyoung on stage.

Another moment from the group’s concert in Chile has gone viral, and it is all because of Doyoung, again!

During the final part of the concert, NCT 127 perform their latest title track, “2 Baddies.” The song has many sexy choreography moments, with fans especially loving the dance in the second chorus.

While performing the song at the Chile concert, Doyoung seemed to freestyle this part a bit, adding some extra body rolls and making the dance even sexier.

| @pradaxmoon/Twitter

Fans had pretty big reactions to this moment, but also noticed that Taeyong seemed to have one also! As Doyoung dances, Taeyong seems to look over at him with a shocked expression on his face, surprised that Doyoung decided to be “extra”! 

| @pradaxmoon/Twitter

Several clips of this moment have gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, with the most viewed having nearly 1 million plays.


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♬ 2 Baddies – NCT 127

Fans think Taeyong’s reaction is hilarious and totally understand why he acted that way!

| @dongjinfilms/TikTok
| @dongjinfilms/TikTok
| @dongjinfilms/TikTok



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