NCT217 Jaehyun Is Considered The King of Sneezing Properly

December is sneezing season and NCT217’s Jaehyun is an example to everyone when it comes to sneezing properly.

Jaehyun’s sneezing habits recently came into focus and it’s not just because he’s so photogenic that he looks handsome even while sneezing.

It’s because his sneezing habits meet Korea’s Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) standards for preventing the spread of viruses during the cold and flu season.

Notice how he sneezes in the groove of his arm instead of on his hands or just everywhere? That’s the way Jaehyun sneezes and it’s also the way the Korean CDC wants people to adopt.

Jaehyun’s behavior is coming into focus just as the CDC’s nationwide campaign for proper sneezing is gaining momentum.

Even high school girls have made videos to spread the ways of NCT’s Jaehyun and the CDC!

Here’s hoping that everyone from kids to grandparents follows Jaehyun’s example and stays healthy through the winter!

Source: Dispatch