NCT’s Chenle Has To Be In All The NCT Units After His Dancing During This Game

That “Boss” choreography was spot on.

NCT Dream appeared on an episode of Idol Battleground hosted by Super Junior‘s Shindong, and they played a game of the Whisper Challenge.

As soon as they put on their headphones and NCT 127’s “Simon Says” played, Chenle couldn’t stop himself from singing and dancing to it.

When it was his turn to guess the name of the song the members had tried to tell him, he guessed NCT U’s “Boss” and did some of the choreography. But, the correct answer had been Red Velvet’s “Power Up”.

Of course the next song playing in their headphones was “Boss”, and Chenle was excited. It also happened to be the song they had to guess.

In the end, they were able to win the game. But, the discovery of Chenle as the number one NCTzen was the real prize. Watch him hit all the key choreography points of NCT 127 and NCT U here.