NCT’s Chenle Noticed His Name Was Misspelled, But His Reaction Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

It’ll brighten your day and clear your skin.

During a live broadcast, NCT Dream were given name tags and had to pick them up from a bookshelf. One member in particular noticed something out of place.

As soon as Chenle picked up his name tag, he let out a giggle and smiled brightly. His name had been misspelled.

He spelled what had been printed out loud: Cnehle. Someone had accidentally switched the letters “n” and “h.”

He tried to pronounce the new name, but he found it too funny and kept laughing.

A lot of people become irritated when their name is spelled incorrectly, but Chenle thought it was hilarious. He was just overflowing with positive energy.

Combined with his high-pitched laughter, just watching and listening to his reaction makes it all the better. If this wholesome reaction doesn’t make your day, nothing will.