NCT’s Chenle, TXT’s Hueningkai, And Stray Kids’ I.N Are The Only Ones Who Can Speak This Language

Prepare your ears.

Although NCT DreamTXT, and Stray Kids have yet to interact with each other, there’s a language only one member of each group can speak.

During the recent episode of TXT‘s One Dream.TXT, they were playing at the beach when Hueningkai let out a high-pitched scream resembling that of a dolphin. And, he was far from the only idol to make the sound.

After seeing the beginning of Jaemin‘s aegyo, Chenle couldn’t help but let out his high-pitched scream of shock that he’s well known for.

And, Stray Kids’ I.N is the perfect addition to this group when he showed off his impressive high-pitched “dolphin sound.”

It looks like Chenle is no longer alone with his dolphin scream. Now, there’s even more idols to grace the world with their beautiful high-pitches.