NCT’s Doyoung, Haechan, And Jungwoo Choose “Regular” To Describe Themselves, The Reason Why Is Relatable AF

Taeyong and Taeil were especially satisfied with Haechan’s answer.

NCT 127 took a quiz with BuzzFeed to find out which member of their group they were. One of the questions asked which of their songs fit them best, and one song was more popular than the others.

Doyoung chose “Regular” because it’s about “making money” and that’s something he definitely “wants.” Johnny and Mark were especially surprised by the answer and started laughing on the spot.

Jungwoo chose it as well and gave a simple reason for the choice: “make money.” Doyoung gave him a high-five for sharing the same thought. Jungwoo does eat six meals a day, so he would need a lot of money to pay for it.

And, you guessed it. Haechan chose the song too. His explanation was just as straightforward with, “I want to be super rich.” Taeyong and Taeil couldn’t keep in their laughter at how honest it was.

Even idols have dreams of making money and being rich just like everyone else. Listen to their hilarious responses for yourself.


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