NCT’s English Version Of “Highway To Heaven” Is Way Sexier Than Anyone Was Expecting

They were ready to risk it all with these lyrics.

NCT 127 released the English version of their We Are Superhuman track “Highway To Heaven”, and it sounds just as amazing as the original.

Yet, there’s something about it that took a completely different approach than expected: the lyrics.

The Korean version of the song takes an inspirational approach with lyrics encouraging you to push forward even if you make mistakes. Essentially, anything is possible because “We limitless.”

The English version seems to be about a whirlwind romance. But, lyrics like “Baby you’re a bad girl, watch your mouth / Your body’s talking, say what you want / They know we got that chemistry, of how your body feels on me / When you get back, let me get that ” have fans questioning everything.

Some fans wouldn’t even bother listening to the sexy track with their parents, let alone explaining what it’s saying to them.

This version of the song has definitely made waves among fans and will be added to NCT’s signature list of sexy songs.