NCT’s Haechan Forgets Which Unit He’s In, And Chenle Notices Instantly

Chenle wasn’t going to let it slide.

With NCT having multiple units and some members in more than one, it can get confusing even for the members themselves.


Since Haechan is a part of NCT 127 and NCT Dream, he had one of those moments when NCT Dream attended the World Scout Jamboree.

They began their greeting as usual with, “To the world, We are NCT.” It was when they announced which unit they were that Haechan had a bit of an identity crisis.

Instead of finishing the greeting with, “We are NCT Dream,” Haechan began to say, “We are NCT 127.” And, nothing slipped by Chenle, who was standing beside him, because he immediately looked over at Haechan and mouthed what seemed to be, “What?”

But, Haechan handled it smoothly like nothing happened. Since he’d been promoting with NCT Dream and NCT 127 at the same time, it’s understandable how he would mistake the two. Watch Chenle notice Haechan’s mishap here.