NCT’s Haechan And Jeno Almost Kissed, And Haechan’s Reaction Was Priceless

Haechan couldn’t believe what happened.

During a live broadcast, NCT Dream‘s Haechan and Renjun were adjusting the camera to make sure all the members were in the shot.


But, things got a little awkward for Haechan when Jeno decided to mess with him.

After Renjun got the angle just about right, Jeno rested his head on Haechan’s shoulder and turned his head to stare at him.

So, Haechan thought he would get him back by turning his head. Since Jeno had stayed in position, they ended up bumping their noses together and coming quite close to kissing. And, it was so shocking that Haechan quickly turned back and covered his mouth in shock.

And, all of this had happened while Renjun and Jaemin were completely unaware. Seeing their expressions, Renjun couldn’t help but ask what had happened.

Everyone’s experienced a moment where they get the timing wrong and something embarrassing happens. See the hilarious moment between Haechan and Jeno starting at 14:53.