NCT’s Haechan Looks Like An Angel But There’s Another Side To Him

If you’ve watched him closely, you’ve seen it.

NCT‘s Haechan is the maknae of NCT 127, and he’s known for being as cute as a button. But, he can be quite sassy when he wants to. And, he was more than that during their recent taping of Weekly Idol.

When appealing to be Taeil‘s partner, he started off sweet. He shared how he’d obeyed Taeil’s wishes of politely calling him daepyo-nim (company representative) while they were touring, making him trustworthy and reliable. Taeil agreed with this.

Then, he became mischievous with his final point. He let Taeil know he would be a fierce enemy if he went against him. Taeil burst into laughter at the sudden change while Mark said how scared he was of Haechan.

Haechan finished his appeal with a final blow, and horror movie music played in the background. If Taeil wanted to sleep peacefully, he had to choose him.

Haechan can adapt to any situation by being charming or causing a little trouble, and no one knows when he’ll flip the switch.

In the end, Taeil did choose him. Watch Haechan’s mischievous side make an appearance and laugh along with the rest of NCT.