NCT’s Haechan And Sungchan Reveal The Idols They Look Up To

There are some big names!

On the latest NCT‘s Haechan’s HAECHAN Radio, Sungchan made his first appearance on the show alongside Mark and Taeil

During the episode, Haechan wanted to learn more about Sungchan’s inspirations and the idols he looked up to as a trainee.

Haechan firstly explained that the K-Pop idols he looked up to were SHINee‘s Taemin and EXO‘s Kai.

I joined SM because I thought Taemin and Kai are so cool. Even after I entered, I looked up so many videos of their dancing.

— Haechan

When it was Sungchan’s turn, he picked someone a lot closer to him. For him, the NCT member he always looked up to was Jungwoo.

I learned so much from Jungwoo. You (NCT) had already debuted, but Jungwoo and I trained together. He taught me a lot about dancing.

— Sungchan

Haechan then added that Jungwoo was a great mentor to look up to. Mark agreed and said that because Jungwoo was a trainee for a long time, he could impart his knowledge to younger idols.

Make sure to watch the whole episode below.

Source: FI