NCT’s Jaehyun Asked Fans What Music They Liked, And The Responses Were Brutally Honest

It’s hard not to agree with a few of these.

NCT‘s Jaehyun revealed he’s working on new music and asked NCTzens what music they were enjoying lately.

The responses began normal enough. Someone simply responded with the music genre R&B.

Then, fans’ love poured into the responses. One fan made it clear that any song sung by Jaehyun was one they’d enjoy regardless. The honestly in the statement was unmistakable.

The most honest of them all though was a fan’s comment that they enjoyed any song where Winwin has lines. This was by far the most popular fan response and it held nothing back.

NCTzens were completely honest in their responses and it showed, some more than others. Jaehyun definitely received his answer.