NCT’s Jaehyun Blew A Kiss That’s Stunning Everyone, Even NCT Themselves

Who else would be this bold?

Toward the end of a live broadcast, NCT 127 prepared special goodbyes for NCTzens. Jaehyun‘s had the biggest reaction among them.


Jaehyun winked at the camera and leaned in for a kiss. He was more than determined to go for the win.

Johnny laughed, Mark and Doyoung could only stare with their mouths open, Haechan clutched his chest, and Jungwoo stuffed his fist into his mouth.

And, Taeyong had been the one holding the camera. So, his reaction was even more surprised.

The members found it cringey, but fans loved it. One even wanted to become the camera that had filmed the moment.



Jaehyun knew exactly what he was doing, and it definitely has everyone talking.

Check out Jaehyun’s playfully cringey but impressive fan service at 11 minutes.