NCT’s Jaehyun Has Fans Shook Over His Flawless Visuals During ISAC

How can someone be so perfect?

Recently, ISAC (Idol Sports Athletic Competitions) have begun filming for their Chuseok airing. There, numerous idols met up for a field day full of games. During the filming, NCT member Jaehyun caught the eyes of many, with some saying he looks flawless even in reporter’s photos.

Despite the low quality photos, fans are saying that Jaehyun still manages to shine. Fans also took some photos from their phones and cameras, and people can’t believe how flawless he looks even though all he’s doing is sitting and spacing out.

NCTZENs are in awe with his beauty, with some K-Fans calling him “Perfect Jaehyun”. One thing is for sure: and that’s Jaehyun shines more and more each day.

Source: Pann