NCT’s Jaehyun And Johnny Are The Baristas We All Want To See In Our Local Café

We don’t want it if it’s not Johnny or Jaehyun.

In the latest episode of Johnny’s Communication CenterNCT’s Jaehyun and Johnny learned how to make a cup of cappuccino.

They wore an apron and gloves to stay sanitary when preparing the coffee. NCTzens thought that Jaehyun and Johnny looked really good in their barista uniforms and started imagining seeing the boys in their local coffee shops taking their orders, and making their drinks.

The two even gave themselves nicknames to help them get in the barista vibe! Jaehyun with the nickname “Jaerista” and Johnny going with “Johrista.”

They looked extremely interested in learning the process as they listened carefully to the professional barista. Jaehyun and Johnny quickly learned how to make the cappuccino, and fans are sure that it will taste good!

Watch the full episode of Johnny’s Communication Center here: