NCT’s Jaehyun Makes Hearts Flutter With This Item Collection

NCTzens are relly touched!

In the recent episode of NCT 127‘s 24-hour RELAY CAM, Jaehyun showed his room to NCTzens for the first time!

He went over his vinyl collection and even played some CDs on his turntable. Jaehyun shared his favorite vinyls and songs from each one subtly recommending fans his go-to songs.

He also shared with the viewers that he has been learning how to play the piano again, and even played snippets of songs he has been practicing.

The idol also lets the audience know that he enjoys reading books every now and then, and showed his books to the camera.

Jaehyun talked about his love for scented candles for a short while as well. He raged about his mini refrigerator and how he’s been enjoying drinking wine lately so he put a red and white wine inside to keep them cool. He also has some skin care products inside.

One thing he has in his room that many NCTzens are particularly interested in is how Jaehyun keeps letters his fans have given him. The idol showed his little collection of letters his fans have given him, and took the time to thank them for all the letters they write for him and that he loves them.

He shared that he found some gifts and letters his fans have given him while preparing his stuff before moving, and admitted that he felt great whenever he read the letters given by fans.

There are multiple videos of Jaehyun taking letters fans give him, even when he isn’t allowed to, most of the time, and NCTzens’ hearts have always fluttered because of his sweet gesture.

Watch Jaehyun’s 24-Hour Relay Cam here:

Source: Instiz