NCT’s Jaehyun Sets A New Bowling Score Record On ISAC Only After 3 Weeks Of Training

Bowling was right up his alley…

When NCTzens heard NCT’s Jaehyun was included in the ISAC’s Men’s Bowling, fans wondered how he was going to compete with seasoned bowlers like ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, and EXO‘s Chanyeol. Jaehyun has never bowled before and he just began training with a coach 3 weeks before the event.

But, Jaehyun proved he was a force to reckoned with, starting from his first spare. He was calm, focused and his curve-ball was on point.

His spare was so good, he earned the nickname “믿스반” (Mit-Su-Ban/ Trusted Spare Cleaner). With 7 spares throughout the game, he dominated the game with ease and won over SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu

Jaehyun’s new found skills took center stage at the semi-finals. Jaehyun made 6 strikes in total and scored 243 points, the highest score in ISAC bowling history. No one could believe Jaehyun only started bowling 3 weeks ago and even the commentators praised his unbelievable scores.

With his record-breaking scores, Jaehyun will face the reigning champion EXO’s Chanyeol at the finals. Fans are excited to see the battle between the SM Entertainment’s artists. Chanyeol also was on top of his game during the semi-finals so Jaehyun has to win his jitters of going against his direct senior.

Meanwhile, NCT Daily also shared Jaehyun’s personal vlog on his bowling practice. You can see Jaehyun taking more interests in the sport through his practice and how much work he has put into his game.

You can see the video here:


Source: Xsports News