NCT’s Jaehyun Sparks Another Mystery With Headless Man

He just can’t seem to get away from things like this.

NCT‘s Jaehyun received recognition from Lauv for his “I Like Me Better” cover, but there’s something in the video that fans couldn’t help but notice.

In one scene of the video, Jaehyun smiles as he walks backward. And, what’s behind him has fans scratching their heads and just a tad creeped out.

What appears to be a headless man is seen walking in his direction. Unlike his past mystery of the phantom hand, this doesn’t seem to be a joke of his making.

If you look closely though, it looks like the man is leaning forward enough that his head doesn’t appear to be on his shoulders from the angle of the camera.

The man isn’t really headless, but he sure looks like it. Watch the scene for yourself here.