NCT’s Jaehyun Washing His Face Is The Most Relaxing Thing You’ll Watch Today

It’s behind the scenes footage of how he looks so handsome.

NCT‘s Jaehyun shared a video of his daily routine from start to finish, and one part that piqued NCTzens’ interest is his skincare routine.


First, he put a headband on to keep his hair from falling in his face. Flyaways can be a nuisance, but Jaehyun took precautionary measures.

His facial expression even changed from smiley to serious because he was ready to get down to business.

Then, he gently but vigorously scrubbed his face with cleanser. He was very thorough in making sure his skin was absolutely clean, his movements and the sound of the running water making it all the more relaxing.

Maybe that’s the secret to his clear skin and what makes him so handsome.

After washing the cleanser from his skin, he lightly dried his face before applying what appears to be toner. It doesn’t take only 1 step or more than 5 steps to look as handsome as Jaehyun; it only takes 3 steps.

And, that depends on whether patting his face with or without product counts as a step. It’s Jaehyun though and watching him go through his routine was more than enough.

Plus, the low sound of music and his movements throughout each step was more than soothing.

Watch Jaehyun’s morning skincare routine here and watch the full video to see him go about his entire day.