NCT’s Jaemin Has No Mercy While Playing ISAC PUBG, Even For His Favorite Jisung

Jisung couldn’t keep the look of betrayal off his face.

While NCT Dream were participating in the PUBG portion of the Idol Star Athletics Championship, something happened that Jisung hadn’t been prepared for at all.


And, it was all thanks to Jaemin who had no pity about it whatsoever.

During the game, both Jaemin and Jisung had been in the same area, scouting it for loot. Instead of helping his teammate stay alive, Jaemin killed Jisung’s character.

Jisung was so taken aback by the betrayal that he froze immediately afterward, then covered his open mouth with his hand. Then, he balled up his fist in anger, all while Jaemin just laughed.

When it comes to playing PUBG, it seems like no one is exempt from Jaemin’s radar, not even his favorite maknae Jisung. Whenever NCT Dream plays games, they now know who to keep on their team or maybe it’s the other way around?