NCT’s Jaemin Reveals Why NCT Members Are The Only Friends He Has On tvN’s “My English Puberty”

I’ll be your friend!!

NCT‘s Jaemin opened up to Han Hyun Min about how he feels about giving up school to become an idol on tvN‘s My English Puberty.

On tvN’s My English Puberty, Jaemin and Han Hyun Min started a conversation about school while eating lunch at a local restaurant in Guam.

When Han Hyun Min asked, “How did you go to school while working as an idol?”, Jaemin answered, “I had to quit school during the 1st year of junior high.”

Jaemin continued, “It will great to be in school. There are certain social skills you can only learn from school and it’s too bad I don’t get to experience that.”

Jaemin also revealed he has no friends other than his NCT members.

“If you want to be in this industry, you can’t have everything. It’s not easy going back and forth between school and work… But I think it’s true how people say the friends you make during middle school and high school will last forever. But I don’t have those kinds of friends. It’s a shame.”

Jaemin told his fellow My English Puberty cast, this was his first time sharing this story to anyone around his age other than his NCT members.

He shared his gratitude for having him members by his side, “I really liked having my NCT members over friends. I can depend on them for anything”.

Source: Star Today