NCT’s Jisung Was So Embarrassed To Buy NCT DREAM’s New Album In Stores He Had To Run Away

Shy boy Jisung is a whole mood.

Fans love when idols buy and unbox their own albums; we can’t get enough of it! NCT DREAM just stopped by HOTTRACKS in Seoul to pick up their new mini album We Boom and unbox it for fans, but from the beginning of the video, Jisung was hiding behind his hyungs in the back.

Turns out, although he’s a world-famous idol, the thought of going into the store to buy his own album made Jisung super shy and embarrassed (Awww…). Things only got worse when “BOOM” started playing in the store. Jisung walked through the store, hiding behind his partner Renjun and covering his ears.

Renjun: “Wow, our song came on!” 

Renjun and Jisung got separated when Renjun went to pose in front of NCT DREAM’s We Boom album display and Jisung wanted no parts. Renjun jokingly tried to pull Jisung out into the open, but Jisung took no chances and pulled Renjun as far away from the display as possible.

Eventually (through some miracle) they managed to coax Jisung out into the open, but a suggestion from Haechan and Renjun almost sent him right back: the group would play rock-papper-scissors and whoever loses would have to dance to the music in the middle of the store. AKA, a shy Jisung’s worst nightmare.

Thankfully for Jisung, Jeno was the loser and had to dance, although we know Jisung would’ve been amazing if he had to be the one to dance.

Jisung might’ve been one of the winners of rock-paper-scissors, but the real winners were NCTzens at the store who got a private performance of Jeno dancing to “BOOM”.

Turns out, buying your own album in a store is no easy feat; even Haechan had trouble mustering up the courage to ask for it! Renjun had to step up to the plate as the other members gathered around him.

… but wait, where’s Jisung? He escaped back to his between-the-aisles safe haven. (There will be no embarrassment for Jisung today!)

In the end, NCT DREAM successfully bought their own albums and took them home to unbox. Watch the full video below: