NCT’s Johnny Clowned Doyoung So Much He Was Ready To Leave

“I go home.”

Before NCT 127 could learn about American culture in American School 101, they each introduced themselves in English. When it was Doyoung‘s turn though, things got hilariously out of hand.


Immediately after introducing himself, he stated he was the master of “this class.” Since his pronunciation could be misheard as disgust, Teacher Johnny said he was the master of disgust instead.

As soon as he said it, all the members began to laugh, especially Taeil who clapped his hands together. So, Doyoung’s face went hard as stone as he slammed his notebook down on the table while everyone laughed at him.

Doyoung tried to say it clearer so he wouldn’t be misunderstood. He repeated, “No, this class.” But, they were having way too much fun because Johnny just translated it as, “Disgusting.” It was so funny to them that Mark clapped his hands like Taeil had.

After dealing with all of their joking and laughter, Doyoung had had enough. He stood up from his seat and declared, “I go home.”

They all have playful personalities, so it’s only natural for them to joke with each other. Listen to Doyoung try and fail to correct Johnny here.