NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun Said Their Tearful Goodbyes On The Last Live Broadcast Of “NCT’s Night Night”

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun said their final goodbyes to SBS Radio’s, NCT’s Night Night, on January 23.

The last recording of the program was filled with messages from the fans and NCT members thanking Johnny and Jaehyun for the sweet memories for the last 2 years. Johnny and Jaehyun held back tears while listening to members’ messages thanking them for working so hard through the hectic schedule and congratulated the two for the 2 years they shared with the fans.

They also took a trip down the memory lane as they listened to their first ever episode. The reminisced about feeling so awkward to say cringy opening lines but felt they got a lot better as the times went by.

Johnny and Jaehyun wrote a touching letter thanking fans for giving him a special place to make precious memories. Johnny wrote, although it was scary at times, NCT’s Night Night was his oasis and he has grown as he shared many stories with the listeners.

Jaehyun thanked fans and listeners for their support for the last 2 years. He cherished all of the stories they shared and hoped fans will keep the memories for a long time.

Johnny and Jaehyun were able to say their last closing lines with a smile but broke down in tears as soon as they played the last song of the day.