NCT’s Johnny Kicked Taeil In The Face And NCT Couldn’t Believe It

When you’re NCT, accidents happen more often.

During a broadcast, NCT 127 shared some of their experiences on tour. One in particular had the biggest reaction among the group.

Taeil revealed that Johnny had kicked him in the face, and the rest of NCT burst into laughter.

Mark and Haechan asked for more information, so Yuta chimed in that it was during their performance of “Superhuman” because Johnny would only repeat that he’d kicked Taeil.

Haechan wanted to end the story there and Taeil wanted articles written about the incident.

There was no backstory revealed for the incident, but Johnny said he’d apologized multiple times to Taeil.

To check out NCT 127’s retelling of the incident, watch the full video clip here.