NCT’s Johnny Made His Rapping Debut In “Superhuman” And It’s Everything

NCTzens are beyond shook.

NCT 127 recently released their long awaited music video for “Superhuman”, and one of the special moments from the video that’s gaining attention is Johnny‘s rapping.


After Taeyong’s first rap lines, Johnny appeared out of nowhere and surprised everyone with beautiful lines about moonlight. And, that was only the beginning.

Although he did have one of his signature English ad-libs, it was a longer line than usual and his charisma made it all the more impactful, especially as the intro for the next verse.

Afterward, Mark rapped but the combination of him and Johnny took it to another level. And, Johnny’s line about the ability to do anything with determination made it all the more special.

Johnny is talented in singing, rapping, and dancing. But, there are many times when his talents aren’t shown. Luckily, “Superhuman” wasn’t one of those moments.

Listen to Johnny’s long-awaited rap here and at 2:49 for the full effect.