NCT’s Johnny Returned To His Hometown And It Was So Beautiful You’ll Cry Too

Bring out the tissues.

On May 7, NCT 127‘s Neo City – The Origin tour stopped in Chicago. And, Chicago is a very special place to Johnny because it’s his hometown.

Johnny was so excited to return to his hometown for the first time in a long while and he even created a special pose for those who were attending the concert.

During the concert, NCTzens chanted Johnny’s name in celebration of his return.

Johnny was so overwhelmed with support and the fact that he was finally home that he couldn’t help but to cry. And, the rest of NCT comforted him.

And, Johnny wasn’t the only one who’d been spotted crying. Yuta, who is from Japan, is usually far away from his home while promoting just like Johnny. So, he could understand Johnny’s feelings and was just as touched by the homecoming.

NCTzens gave Johnny the homecoming he deserved, and it was so meaningful that it’ll be a memory he’ll never forget.