NCT’s Johnny Shared His Weird Habit When Eating Mint And It’ll Make You Think

Mark said it could be a reflex, and he may be right.

NCT 127 was asked if they had any weird habits during a backstage interview. Johnny had two and he shared them both, one being quite strange.


Johnny shared that whenever he drank something carbonated, he would suddenly begin to hiccup. That wasn’t particularly strange, and the interviewer Erik Zachary shared that it happens to him as well.

Johnny’s next habit was rather unique, and he’d learned about it recently. Whenever he eats something mint-flavored, he sneezes. But, it can’t be lightly flavored; it has to be heavily mint-flavored.

Mark determined that it was simply a reflex triggered by the mint. That seems to be the most logical response since people usually sneeze when something has irritated their nasal passage.

Everyone has their own weird habits and automatic reactions to things. So, you can hear about Johnny’s weird habits for yourself here.