NCT’s Johnny Tried To Troll NCTzens, But They Weren’t Fooled

The next actor-dol?

On April 1, NCT’s Johnny made a very important announcement. He would be starring in his first reoccurring acting role.

He would be playing Jake in Netflix’s “Heartfelt Homestyle”. But, NCTzens were quick to see through the joke. One fan used Johnny’s long hair in “Wakey-Wakey” as reason to say that he resembled “Twilight’s” Jake instead.

Another fan implied that some NCTzens had been tricked into believing that the news was true. Or, at the very least, would happily be fools because they wanted to pretend it was true.

This fan was playfully straightforward in their approach to Johnny’s jest. They didn’t believe him one bit.

Based on NCTzen reactions, Johnny’s joke and the responses to it were indeed hilarious. Let’s be honest; the was detail was rather believable. Maybe we’ll really get actor-dol Johnny in the future?