NCT’s Johnny Is The Ultimate Trickster For Savagely Driving Off Without His Members

It was all fun and games though.

In episode ten of Johnny’s Communication Center, Johnny returned to his home in Chicago and took Doyoung and Mark for a ride to his old elementary school.

After having fun on the playground, all of them headed to the car. As the driver, Johnny got in first. But, Mark noticed something unusual when the passenger door hadn’t been unlocked.

He said, “Excuse me?” while then trying to open the door. Doyoung realized what was happening and kept repeating, “Oh my god,” before saying, “Ah hyung. It’s not funny.”

The fun didn’t end there for Johnny though. He pulled off and they naturally ran after him. Mark couldn’t believe what he was seeing, making sure to record it, and Doyoung repeatedly shouted, “No.”

After some exercise on Mark and Doyoung’s part, Johnny did eventually unlock the doors and let them in the car.

If you’ve driven a car or even rode in one, there’s a chance you’ve done this to your friends and family as well. Watch Johnny play around with his members here.