NCT’s Johnny And Yuta Stop Concert Segment To Signal Help For Fainted Fan

“Angel” was playing, and they truly were angels.

NCT 127‘s actions during their London stop of Neo City – The Origin has fans loving them even more than they did before.

During a talk segment of the concert, a fan had fainted and needed assistance quickly. Once Johnny and Yuta noticed what had happened, they couldn’t just sit back.

Johnny interrupted their talk by saying that someone needed help and pointed in their direction so that security could do what they needed to help them. He even apologized for the interruption, but he had to do what was necessary.

Yuta was worried as well because he made sure they had security’s full attention and that everything was happening as it should. Someone even repeated, “Be safe,” to the audience.

It can get crazy at concerts, especially in standing areas, and it warmed fans’ hearts to see that NCT cared enough to stop what they were doing to make sure fans would be helped.