NCT’s Jungwoo Answered A Question With “Potato” And It Caused Complete Chaos

No one saw it coming.

During an interview with BuzzFeed, NCT 127 had an aegyo battle to decide who was the member that was best at it.


Johnny and Jungwoo were the competitors, with Jungwoo showing his skills first. He pointed at his hair and cutely said, “The member with the best hair.”

Mark pointed out that Jungwoo went the extra mile to do aegyo in English. Johnny didn’t know how to compete with that, so he gave the title of best aegyo to Jungwoo.

The BuzzFeed producer asked Jungwoo if he felt happy about winning the title, and Jungwoo’s hilarious response was, “Potato.”

All the members burst into laughter. Mark and Johnny couldn’t help but to playfully imitate Jungwoo.

In the end, Jungwoo was able to understand the question and reply that he was indeed happy to win the title. Check out the hilarious mishap here.


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