NCT’s Mark Calling Taeyong Mom, Johnny Dad, And Jungwoo Child Is Accurate AF

Two children not following Taeyong Mommy’s rules.

NCT shared footage of them getting some shopping done in Brooklyn, New York to prepare dinner. And, the descriptions Mark gave everyone was spot on.


After he and Jungwoo tagged along with Taeyong and Johnny, he called Johnny the dad, Taeyong the mom, and Jungwoo the child along with himself.

Like the child Mark called him, Jungwoo picked up an item and put it into the shopping cart in the hopes that they would buy it. But, “Taeyong Mommy” didn’t allow it and told him to put it back.

Since Mark called himself a child too, he plotted with Jungwoo by telling him to pick up the item and hide it until they could sneak it back into the shopping cart.

Taeyong and Johnny working together to mentally check off all the items they needed definitely fit the role of parents. And, the fact that they eventually allowed Jungwoo and Mark to get whatever they wanted made it more so.

In the end, Jungwoo was able to keep his coveted key lime pie. Follow the NCT family on their shopping adventure here.