NCT’s Mark Comes Up With A New Introduction, And No One Was Impressed

Taeil wanted to be anywhere but there.

NCT 127 attended their first day at American School 101, so Professor Johnny told them to introduce themselves. And, some of their introductions weren’t as successful as others.


Mark decided he would try something new and came up with a new greeting on the spot. He confidently said, “My name is Mark. You can Mark me in your heart.”

As soon as they heard it, everyone remained quiet, only giving blank looks with Taeil making a face. At least until supportive Taeyong Mommy shouted, “Yeah,” after tearing himself away from doodling to lighten the mood.

Everyone was so unimpressed by it that Mark said, “I can’t believe I said that.” Which made them laugh at his embarrassment, even himself.

Mark may be one of the most well-rounded idols but coming up with introductions sure isn’t one of his talents. Listen to him give it a try here.