NCT’s Mark & Johnny Making Wallets For Each Other Is The Cutest Thing Ever

The Johnny and Mark bromance is sailing smoothly.

On the an episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, NCT‘s Johnny and Mark made wallets for each other and it was the cutest.


The cuteness began when Johnny immediately spoiled the surprise that there was a special guest. Mark laughingly scolded him.

To prepare for their arts and crafts, they put on aprons. Johnny turned around and wanted Mark to tie his apron for him. Mark was taken aback and laughed before gently refusing.

Their excitement to finally begin stitching the wallets for each other is so palpable that they both flap their hands like cute, tall birds.

Although Johnny didn’t believe his stitching went well, Mark wholeheartedly supported him with a hearty handshake.

The cutest thing of all was finding out that Johnny had requested an engraving that read “JšŸ’šM”. But, Mark had planned to engrave “MšŸ’šJ”. So, they had planned the same thoughtful act, reinforcing their cute bromance.

But the cuteness didn’t stop there, the reasoning behind the colors they chose for each other’s wallets showed just how close their relationship is. Johnny chose coral pink for Mark’s because he wanted Mark to think of him every time he saw it. Mark chose red because he believes Johnny looks good in red.

After painstakingly making the wallets by hand, they gifted them to each other, initials-and-hearts engraving included.

To watch the cuteness overload in full, check out the full clip here.


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