NCT’s Mark Is Being Praised As The Second Taemin

Taemin 2.0.

NCT‘s Mark is being praised as K-Pop’s second Taemin (SHINee), with people praising how versatile of an idol he is.

Not only does Mark stand out for his rapping skills, fans note how over the years, Mark’s vocal ability has grown too. Just like Taemin! People also comment that both the idols are superb dancers.

Other than his skills, Mark has been praised for his kindness and thoughtfulness ever since his debut. People love the fact that not only is Mark extremely talented, he also has a good heart!

Korean fans also like the fact that the idol speaks two languages (English and Korean) and is fully bilingual, yet also sang in Chinese for NCT Dream‘s Chinese releases. People commend how hard-working Mark truly is.

Ironically, both Taemin and Mark are in a team together since they both debuted in SuperM! People can’t wait to see the two work together and for what other projects SM Entertainment has in store for Mark. Some even wonder (and hope!) that Mark debuts as a soloist like Taemin did later on in his career.

Source: Pann