NCT’s Mark Has This Tip For Anyone Learning A New Language, And It Works For Him Perfectly

It’s something that’s always with him.

During their sit down with Tumblr, NCT 127 were asked by a fan if they had any tips for someone learning a new language, especially Korean.


Since Mark speaks both Korean and English, he decided to share one tip that’s been extremely helpful for him.

He said that it was important to have a friend who speaks the language that you want to learn, especially if it’s one you’re not at all familiar with.

This makes it easier for you to talk freely with them since they’re already someone you know. And, you’ll naturally be able to improve your skills through these conversations.

Since NCT has many members who are from different countries like Yuta from Japan, Ten from Thailand, Lucas from Hong Kong, and Winwin from China (along with Chenle, Renjun, KunXiaojun, Yangyang, and Hendery), Mark is able to learn from all of them. Listen to his wise advice here.