NCT’s Mark’s Lightstick Was So Happy That It Exploded By Itself

They can’t seem to keep their lightsticks in one piece.

NCT has had an interesting relationship with their lightsticks. At first they seemed to be very confused by it.

Over time they eventually embraced it, so much so that they’re no strangers to breaking them. Jaehyun was feeling his performance so much that the force he used with his lightstick broke it.

Of course we can’t forget Taeyong. Like Jaehyun he was so into the performance that he broke his lightstick immediately with the force of his dancing, and his facial expression said it all.

Now Mark has joined the ranks of NCT members who have broken their lightsticks. He’d even taken the precaution of using the strap, but it was still no match for Mark.

And, his explanation for the broken lightstick made the incident even funnier. His lightstick had been so happy that it exploded all by itself.

NCT truly has a problem keeping their lightsticks intact. Maybe SM Entertainment will have to test the next version for durability against NCT.


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