NCT’s Shotaro and WayV’s Hendery Melt Fans’ Hearts With Adorable Pictures

Shotaro and Hendery spent some time together after a schedule and took the cutest pictures!

As excitement over NCT‘s upcoming album, Universe, continues to build up, fans are starting to get treated to more cute pictures and interactions between the members—such as one between WayV‘s Hendery and NCT’s Shotaro, who posed together in some heart-melting pictures posted to Hendery’s Instagram account, which you can see here.

| @i_m_hendery/Instagram

Hendery captioned the images simply with “So cold,” to which Shotaro replied with a little green heart. Since Shotaro only debuted in NCT in last year’s NCT 2020 Resonance album, it’s nice to see how much closer and more comfortable he has gotten with the other members, particularly since he is not yet part of a fixed unit—something that could perhaps change when Universe releases.

This interaction between Shotaro and Hendery has also led fans to post about other sweet moments between Shotaro and the WayV member, including an endearing video in which Hendery is seen comforting a nervous Shotaro before a performance.

Other fans have been speculating about what Hendery and Shotaro’s activities might have been, as the caption Hendery put for these same pictures on his Weibo account says, “As filming has ended, we will eat something good later.” Chances are that they were shooting for Universe, in which case we have some cute moments between Hendery and Shotaro to look forward to when the album is released in December!

Source: Instagram and Weibo