NCT’s Taeil Broke Doyoung’s Heart And He Was So Mad He Couldn’t Let It Go

He couldn’t even hide it.

NCT 127 starred in the June 5 episode of Weekly Idol. After performing their song “Superhuman”, they had to choose their partners as part of a special segment.

Taeil had to choose between Doyoung and Haechan, who both tried their best to gain his attention. Everyone was anticipating his choice, and there was an uproar once he’d finally chosen.

Taeil had chosen Haechan. Taeyong was quick to console Doyoung after the loss, but he wasn’t having it. He shook Taeyong off and said, “I didn’t like you,” to Taeil.

He was so stubborn about it that he sat back down with his rose and everyone had to drag him away.

When he was asked about how he must’ve felt sad about the outcome, he said it was merely a setup.

Doyoung was playfully hurt by Taeil’s choice and just wouldn’t let it go. Watch Doyoung become a mess here.