NCT’s Taeyong Earns Praise For Writing And Producing His Own SM Station Song

People are impressed with his skills.

On July 18, 2019, SM Entertainment released Taeyong‘s SM Station song called “Long Flight”. The song was written and produced by the NCT member himself.

In NCT, he is known as a rapper, so many were surprised to hear him release an R&B, hip-hop song. Many are saying that it’s refreshing to see him focus on his vocals and that the song is easy to listen to.

Taeyeong has always been pro-active in song writing, more than often writing his own lyrics for NCT. Fans are saying that the song obviously comes from Taeyong’s heart and that the track melts both NCTzens ears and hearts.

Fans are saying that he is a great musician and a sincere artist who genuinely loves his craft and hope SM Entertainment gives him even more changes to show his numerous sides.

NCTzens remember Taeyong’s message for them, and will always keep it in their hearts.

If you work hard and put your all into everything you do, regardless of the hard and difficult times, there will come a day when people will recognize your efforts. All you have to do is to keep on working hard and to hang on until that day comes.

– Taeyong

Source: Pann