If NCT’s Taeyong Could Learn Any Language He Wants It To Be This One

Taeyong would definitely be the first person to ever master this.

During Tumblr‘s Answer Time featuring NCT 127, the group was asked what language they would like to wake up being fluent in, and Doyoung answered practically that he would like to be fluent in English.

NCT 127 is dominating the international scene right now, so Doyoung wanting to master English makes absolute sense.

In fact, NCT 127 just released an English version of “Highway To Heaven”.

Still from the “Highway To Heaven” music video

Taeyong answered next, and he decided to think outside of the box. Rather, he thought outside of human language altogether. Taeyong wants to speak Dolphin.

There ya have it, folks! If Taeyong could speak any language it would be Dolphin Language. If his dream comes true, he’ll be the first K-Pop idol to bring his music all over the world and under the sea.