NCT’s Taeyong Praised ATEEZ & NCTzens And ATINY Are Hyped

He’s totally a fan.

NCT 127 played a game where they had to guess songs based on a snapshot of silhouettes doing choreography.


No one guessed one particular snapshot correctly. But, when the music video played, Taeyong recognized it immediately. He said, “Ah. ATEEZ.”

It had indeed been ATEEZ; it was the choreography for their music video “Treasure”.

Taeyong when on to say that he really enjoyed their music, like the song “Say My Name”. Haechan, Jungwoo, and Taeil even shared the sentiment by nodding along to what he said.

He even mentioned that he thinks their choreography is nice.

ATEEZ has been gaining attention worldwide, so it’s not surprising other idols like Taeyong would fall for their charms.

You can watch Taeyong discuss ATEEZ here and the rest of NCT 127 jamming along to “Treasure”.