NCT’s Taeyong Was Too Shy To Hold TVXQ’s Max’s Hand, And It’s Everything

He was stuck between being respectful and fanboying.

SM Entertainment artists gathered for SM Town Live in Tokyo, and there was a moment between NCT‘s Taeyong and TVXQ‘s Max that is making fans gush over the interaction.

It appeared that all the artists were gathering hands for a final bow to the audience. Since Taeyong had already been holding the hand of Super Junior‘s Donghae, he thought to reach for Max’s. But, he was too shy and only managed to look down at Max’s hand.

That was enough of a signal for Max though because he took the initiative as the senior and reached for Taeyong’s hand. And, the hidden smile on Taeyong’s face afterward was one of pure happiness.

Taeyong not only respects his seniors but he admires them as well. And, that’s when a bit of his fanboy side made an appearance. Check out Taeyong’s shy side here.