NCT’s Taeyong And Ten Are Connected Even When They’re Apart

Nothing can break their friendship.

NCT‘s Taeyong and Ten have always been close since before they debuted. The fact that Taeyong is currently on NCT 127‘s Neo City – The Origin world tour and Ten is promoting as a member of WayV in China doesn’t change that.

They still manage to remain connected with each other, and there’s one thing they both did that proves it.

During one of NCT 127’s recent tour stops, Taeyong danced a bit of the song “Baby Don’t Stop” that he and Ten had released and promoted last year.

And, he wasn’t the only one who had the same idea. While WayV was filming for iQiyi‘s Fan Fiesta Idol Sports Games, Ten had a special treat in store.

He busted out the same dance moves to “Baby Don’t Stop” that Taeyong had.

Since they’re not physically together to perform it and it’s not required for either of them to promote it, the fact that they both thought to do it shows that they’re closer than ever.

It also shows that they’re thinking about each other. And, it seems like NCTzens aren’t the only ones who are missing them being together.