NCT’s Taeyong’s Response To A Fan’s Comment About His Performance Is Hilarious

Does he think it’s funny?!

NCT‘s Taeyong recently held a live broadcast where he was able to interact with his fans and catch up with them for a bit.

During the broadcast, Taeyong read some comments that the viewers left.

One comment he read made him laugh aloud, and NCTzens are feeling attacked for the way he responded.

The idol read his fan’s comment saying “Taeyong, your no manners performance killed me.”

Taeyong’s unexpected reaction is making every NCTzen feel attacked.

After he read the comment, he just laughed, and although fans found his laugh extremely cute, they also feel attacked after Taeyong just laughed at them for *dying* because of his powerful and sexy performance!

Fans are also finding his response hilarious despite feeling attacked!

NCTzens are excited and are expecting more “no manners performances” from Taeyong seeing as he just laughed at them after finding out he was the cause of his fans’ death.


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